The Definitive Source of Email Service Providers Features and Functions

There is no “best” email vendor. There is only the best one for your organization. The Biennial Email Vendor Guide from Red Pill Email is the only vendor-neutral and comprehensive source that will help you find it.


Covering more than 600 data points, the Email Vendor Guide from Red Pill Email is the most comprehensive vendor guide on the market today.



Can you access a feature, or must the vendor do it for you? Thirty percent of the data is devoted to answering that question.


Our Guide covers every feature and function you could possibly think of. And probably a bunch you haven’t.

This Guide is for You If…

You want an unbiased assessment of email vendors’ features and functions. You want to avoid the three-plus years of pain that come with selecting the wrong vendor. You want to find the best fit for your firm’s unique needs now and into the near future.  This guide helps you formulate your RFP so that you get the best vendors for your companies needs.

What You Won’t Find In Our Guides

We take no money for the reviews or features that are listed.  Vendors are sent a comprehensive questionnaire that we take and validate through an extensive process.  That makes this guide an unbiased voice in the industry for the last 10 years.

Developed & Published by an Industry Veteran

Unlike other email vendor guide publishers Red Pill Email CEO John Caldwell has actually hit the “send” button. Having worked on both the agency and client side since 1996, he knows what it’s like to operate in high-pressure, high-volume environments. He has been directly involved with over five dozen vendor evaluations and selections for Fortune 500 companies and major brands.

We’ll send these supplemental reports as a bonus:

All the vendors in Email Vendor Guide from Red Pill Email are gold standard in terms of security and professional services. Download this supplement to learn how to pinpoint which vendors are the best fit for your organization’s security and professional-services needs.

Like any tool, ESP data-and-segmentation capabilities are only useful if an organization needs them and has the expertise to employ them. Download this supplement to learn how to properly assess your needs.

Vendors NEVER pay to be in our Guides

Your Source for an Unbiased View

When vendors pay to be included in a guide, the process gets corrupted. Participants in the Email Vendor Guide from Red Pill Email are selected solely on their abilities and willingness to participate and their validity in the market.