Email Vendor Guides from Red Pill Email

Examining over 600 data points, with over 30% including the average user skill level to implement those features and functions, our Guides look at the capabilities of email vendors ranging from the small market to commercial MTAs and all points in between.

The Email Vendor Features & Functions Guides from Red Pill Email are developed and published by an Industry veteran with deep client and agency side experience beginning in 1996. He’s lived the user’s life between the chair and the keyboard in high-volume high-pressure environments. He consults with clients and vendors alike and has been directly involved with over five dozen vendor evaluations and selections for Fortune 500 companies and major brands, and more than half as many client-vendor systems integrations for leading brand names sending billions of emails annually.

Email Vendor Features & Functions Guides from Red Pill Email don’t look at the number or type of clients of the participating vendors, nor do they take into consideration the vendor’s revenue or company vision. They don’t care about the “state of email” or the geo-social ramifications of the industry as a whole. While those things are interesting and may eventually impact the user’s ultimate decision, they don’t tell the user what a vendor is capable of; and email programs run on capabilities, not vision or a client list.

While other guides and reports spend their time justifying the use of email marketing or giving their impression of email's place in the consumer market, our guides list and compare the functional capabilities of a variety of different email marketing platforms providing readers with the kind of information you need to develop your short list of prospective vendors. We even outline collecting requirements, creating an RFP, and scoring the prospects!

If you need to know what API protocols an email marketing platform supports; if you need to know which platforms offer the most control over data and tables, import/export capabilities, deliverability, workflow, or cross-channel integration and support, then this is the Guide for you!



In September of 2016 we released our inaugural Validation and Hygiene Guide. This guide provide email validation-and-hygiene buyers with a solid perspective on how widely available their particular wants and needs are, it also serves as a checklist they can use when assessing and meeting with validation-and-hygiene vendors.

Vendors are scored based on the number of features and services they offer, not the quality. As a result, a higher score does not equal “better.” It simply means that vendor offers more. Organizations that want or need a lot of different features in a particular area will naturally gravitate to the high scorers in that area. Companies that don’t need so many services and features can feel comfortable considering vendors that score lower.


Want to know how to get the most from our vendor guide? Check out these supplemental reports:

DOWNLOAD NOW! (RELEASE DATE - MARCH 22, 2016) This supplement shows how sometimes things aren't always what they seem when it when it comes to Security scoring and how Professional Services adds to a participant's guide score - and what it means.
DOWNLOAD NOW! (RELEASE DATE - MAY 18, 2016) Even though a platform can meet an orgainzation's Data & Segmentation needs it doesn't mean they have the skill set to implement those functions. This supplement shows how Skill Levels come into play.



Vendors do not pay to be in our Guides; they are selected based on their abilities and willingness to participate.