Email Vendor Selection, Integration, Strategy & Production

Specializing in services for mid-market to enterprise.

Email Vendor Evaluation & Selection

There is no “best” email vendor. There is only the best one for your organization. The Email Vendor Guide from Red Pill Email is the vendor-neutral source that will help you find it.

Email Design, Copywriting, & Coding

Email messages today are read on a variety of devices and screens of all sizes. Our designers and coders make sure that your email messages look good regardless of where your message is viewed. Our experienced copywriters can help write compelling copy and targeted content that can maximize your brand and your bottom line.

Migration, Integration, & Automation

Moving from one email deployment vendor to another can be overwhelming the first few times. For Red Pill Email, those first few times were a long time ago. Based on our years of experience migrating and integrating dozens of client’s to a new vendor, we’ve developed a process for this, too. We’ll lay out the steps to take and order of implementation for a transparent and successful vendor migration.

And Much More…

Strategy & Creative Direction

Starting with a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the email program, we then leverage data to create blueprints for successful single- and multi-message campaigns with the goal of increasing ROI. This includes creative direction for design, often in conjunction with an A/B split test against the client’s existing control email.

Analytic Analysis & Persona Profiling

Cluster, Scale, Factor, Meta, Regression, or Multivariate, we go deep into client’s data to gain the insight needed to maximize revenue. We provide the intelligence needed to consistently optimize efforts, resources, and revenue.

Fully Bonded & Insured

Red Pill Email understands the risks of doing business and has the insurance required to ensure solidarity. Managing sensitive data, millions of email addresses, and email deployments requires a sensitive touch – and a strong backbone.

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